Key Opinion Leader Dr Daniel van den Heuvel discusses CapBuster first-in-human cases at the Amputation Prevention Conference in Switzerland October 2021

state of the art technology


CapBuster has a patented technology for a device to facilitate safe and controlled crossing of the calcified cap of chronic total occlusions through the true lumen.

Revolutionary Technology

Current Treatment of CTO's

The treatment of chronic total occlusions (CTO’s) is challenging for the endovascular specialist. Historically, long total occlusions were treated with bypass surgery. 

In recent years, complex tools such as Lasers, Radiofrequency Catheters and high speed cutters have been introduced to reopen these hard fibrous blockages. While successful they are complex and have associated expensive capital equipment costs.

What is CapBuster?

CapBuster is a balloon catheter & guidewire combination device that provides physicians with an easy-to-use and innovative solution.

It will be used to re-open the most resistant occlusions where a calcified cap has formed on the surface of the blockage. CapBuster uses the mechanical advantage of a screw-thread and uses standard tools and techniques used in all angioplasties in every hospital cath lab in the world.


It provides a simple, fast, cost-effective low risk method with a high degree of penetration through the calcified blockage to treat CTO’s with minimal training required for the Physician and no capital equipment required for the hospital. 

How It Works

CapBuster utilizes the mechanical advantage of a screw-thread to apply gradual sustained pressure using the balloon catheter as an anchor to hold the device in place.

The benefits of CapBuster include a simple, low cost and mechanically superior method which produces over 5 times the peak penetration of the closest competitor, with no energy lost at the tip. The device can be progressed forward, or reversed out at any time, thus giving control the the physician.

It is a disruptive technology that improves patient quality of life and has the potential to eliminate the need for ineffective and expensive alternatives such as medication and bypass surgery which are currently the most common ways to treat CTO’s.

Did you know?

CTO’s are encountered in approximately 20% to 30% of all patients who undergo angiography. This equates to approximately 1.8m CTO’s. Only 10% are treated using minimally invasive techniques. This is because of problems with existing devices that either do not work or are very expensive. Current methods require extensive high skill training and are associated with high risk.

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