How It Works

Key Opinion Leader Dr Daniel van den Heuvel discusses CapBuster first-in-human cases at the Amputation Prevention Conference in Switzerland October 2021

How It Works

Here you can find a range of helpful videos and testimonials which will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

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Testimonial from Dr. Jos C van Den Berg

Dr. Jos C van den Berg is head of the service of Interventional Radiology, Ospendale Regionale Di Lugano, Switzerland.

Being familiar with the CapBuster device Dr. van Den Berg highlighted the significance and promise of CapBuster at this years Medtech Rising Conference. 

“A solution to a common problem that facilitates intraluminal crossing of chronic total occlusions”

Demonstration of CapBuster Control

This video shows the CapBuster device advancing through the occlusion of a PCI trainer. We can see that when compared to a regular guidewire the CapBuster device offers superior support and control.

Proof Of Concept

Successful “Proof-of-Concept” performed in cadavers by “The Leg Saver” Dr Jihad Mustapha.

Watch CapBuster in use on a PCI Trainer

This video shows the mechanics of the CapBuster device in action on a modified PCI trainer.

CapBuster Animation 'How it Works'

Take a look at how the CapBuster device works in comparison to a regular guidewire. We can see the screw-thread on the device allows the physician to rotate the wire advancing the tip of the CapBuster slowly through the calcified cap.