A case of successful use of microsnare to hold and pull the retrograde guidewire for the intervention to peripheral chronic total occlusion

Tomoya Hara, Tetsuzo Wakatsuki, Yoshio Taketani, Koji Yamaguchi, Takashi Iwase, Masataka Sata

A basket-shaped microsnare has various uses such as the pull through technique during coronary intervention to chronic total occlusion (CTO). A 79-year-old man underwent angioplasty for the femoral artery occlusion. We performed a controlled antegrade and retrograde tracking (CART) with dilatation of a balloon on the antegrade guidewire. The retrograde guidewire partly ran in the true lumen but could not pass through the CTO lesion because of inadequate CART. Eventually, we successfully gripped the top of the retrograde guidewire in the CTO lesion using the basket-shaped microsnare (Soutenir(®)). The microsnare may be useful for bidirectional approach in peripheral CTO lesions.

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