Management of Infrapopliteal Arterial Disease: Critical Limb Ischemia

Jihad A MustaphaLarry J Diaz-Sandoval

According to the TransAtlantic Inter-Society Consensus Document on Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease, “there is increasing evidence to support a recommendation for angioplasty in patients with critical limb ischemia and infrapopliteal artery occlusion.” Management of infrapopliteal artery disease starts with diagnosis using modern preprocedural noninvasive and invasive imaging. Interventionalists need to learn the role of chronic total occlusion cap analysis and collateral zone recognition in angiosome-directed interventions for management of critical limb ischemia and be familiar with equipment and device selection and a stepwise approach for endovascular interventions. Interventionalists need to know which crossing tools to use to successfully cross-complex chronic total occlusion caps.

Keywords: Chronic total occlusion (CTO) cap analysis; Critical limb ischemia (CLI); Infrapopliteal artery disease.

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